Before & AfterCeilings and walls trap odours, smoke, oils, cooking grease, films, nicotine, dust mites and many more unsanitary pollutants. These films reduce light by as much as 60%, dull the appearance of the facility and create an unhealthy environment. Deep cleaning ceilings and walls will brighten hard floors, make carpets look cleaner and give your facility or home a healthier, brighter look and show you care about your people and their environment. But replacing or painting these items is costly!

Extra Steam has the solution!

Our trained personnel can safely and effectively clean:
 Acoustic Ceilings  Vinyl Ceilings
 Popcorn Ceilings  
   Wood Ceilings
 Latex Painted Walls  Enamel Painted Walls
 Wallpaper Surfaces  
 A/C Vents  Wall Vents
 Stall Dividers  
 Fireplace Facings  Tile Kitchen Walls
 Plastic/Formica  Window Blinds
 FRP Paneling  Wood Paneling

Hospitals, schools, office buildings, restaurants, homes and many other facilities, have porous, non-porous and semi-porous surfaces to clean and maintain. The interior ceiling and wall surfaces can now be safely, economically and effectively cleaned and maintained by Extra Steam.

Many maintenance dollars can be saved by effectively cleaning ceilings and walls, rather than replacing the surface.

 Clean Wall & Ceiling Cleaning

Extra Steam Clean for your wall and ceiling cleaning needs. As with all our services, we strive to meet and exceed all your expectations.

Our professionals clean everything from light overall soiling to very heavy soiling. Our services can include washable, dry treatable, and hypersensitive services. We will also move your furniture for you.

Our professionals perform a three-step process to ensure only the highest quality cleaning service possible.

    Step One: Pre Cleaning Steps
    • Dust, brush, or vacuum clean to remove loose soil particles.
    • Treat to remove attached loose soil using a dry cleaning sponge.
    • Pre-treat spots and stains.

    Step Two: Cleaning Steps
    • Apply cleaning solution to emulsify and remove soil using a gentle mechanical action.
    • Rinse to remove heavy soil and detergent residues.

    Step Three: Post Cleaning Steps:
    • Post-treat spots and stains
    • Dry/buff using absorbent pads to allow for a uniform, bright, non-streaked appearance.
    • Re-oil, seal, or apply other protective treatments to natural wood surfaces.
    • Inspect all areas.

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